Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More treasures!

This little succulent garden was made of an old 1980's style pine cabinet that someone gave me.  Wouldn't it look cute next to your front door or on your back porch.  Actually it looks pretty nice on mine...
perfect against the green walls!

And I promised a peek at the lampshade when I was finished.  Viola!

Did I mention that the piece hanging 
next to it was purchased last year at
the Northwinds sale?  Really, don't miss it, so many awesome things!

Just a little example of the up cycling we like to do.  It is so satisfying to use a discarded item that was headed for a landfill and make it beautiful.  Here is an old clock cabinet that I breathed new life into...a unique cork board!

And introducing Lenny, my garden art flamingo, made by my neighbor and Rochester, WI native Dan Saunders!  Unfortunately for you, Lenny isn't making the trip.  He is all mine, sorry folks.  But we will be bringing another unique "Zookie Bird" and some other metal garden art by the same artist.

I really hope to see you there!