Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Serendipity 7 at Northwinds Antique and Garden Show
June, 2012
Serendipity 7 was started with the dream of opening a little shop. How would that look exactly?  We both have toddlers at home and full schedules with 7 busy kids between us.  Maybe we could open a shop that we could run for a month or two?  Who would rent to us for such a short amount of time?

So after exhausting all our options we accepted the fact that this wasn't the way our business was going to look.  We decided that vintage shows and an etsy shop was how we would run our business.  It was all good...we could choose shows that would work with our schedules and an etsy shop would be easy to maintain.  Not how we pictured it but we both realize that life rarely works out the way you picture it and that is usually for the best...even though you don't realize it at the time.

But sometimes life works out exactly how you picture it.  A couple of weeks ago we got a call from one of our past inquiries.  The owner offered to rent us our dream shop for 3 months at a price we could afford for the months of September, October and November!  

Pretty serendipitous I would say...

So back to business!  Summer fun is drawing to a close and a fabulous fall of running our own brick and mortar shop has begun.  So if you are in the area at the dates below, 
stop by and visit a dream come true.  

Serendipity 7's new fall home!

Serendipity 7
inspired, upcycled & vintage home decor
Opening September 7th 4-8pm
exclusive boutique dates:

9/7, 9/8, 9/15, 9/16,
10/12, 10/13, 10/26, 10/27,
11/9, 11/10, 11/23, 11/24, 11/30

Fridays 4pm-8pm, Saturdays 10am-5pm
for a limited time located at 909 15th Avenue, Monroe, WI

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