Sunday, September 23, 2012

Featured artist...Deb Meyer

Since neither Jeni and I are Monroe natives, we sometimes grieve the fact that our families don't live nearby.  We can't have Sunday dinners together or have our mom stop by on a random day and talk us down from some seemingly endless potty training session.  I think that is one of the reasons we bonded so completely when we met, we were fully immersed in young motherhood and knew we needed to create our own village in which to raise our children.  Jeni is my children's aunt, godmother and friend.  
She is my soul sister.

And in this village we have created for ourselves Deb Meyer would undoubtably be the mom.  She is this amazing, creative, talented, beautiful woman who has taken us in, saw what we couldn't quite see in ourselves and coaxed it out of us.  She listens to our struggles and guides us without judgement.  Her love and complete confidence in our abilities has undoubtably been one of our lives greatest gifts.

Not to mention she is a ridiculously talented artist and Serendipity 7 is lucky enough to feature some of her work!

Come and see more works by Deb Meyer September 28th and 29th at Serendipity 7 in Monroe, WI.  You better move fast because this piece in particular may have to come home with me!

Serendipity 7
909 15th Avenue
Monroe, WI

Boutique Dates
September 28, 29
October 12,13,26,27
November 9, 10 23, 24, 30

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