Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured artist...Mary Hedeman

My favorite things in life are when a project, a dream or a relationship has a life of its own.  When you stop trying to control all the aspects of something and just trust it will lead you in the best possible direction.  Serendipity 7 has been the essence of that.  

The creative juices keep flowing and Jeni and I don't do a lot of "planning," we just work on what moves us at the time and items to be up cycled just seem to magic.

Another thing that hasn't been planned, is this amazing collection of artists that have been a part of this journey. 

Even though they work with different media and have styles all their own, the one common denominator of the artists of Serendipity 7 is the genuine love for the process of creating.  
This couldn't be more true for our newest artist Mary Hedeman.  

I love the joyful, whimsical quality of her work and when you meet her you can't help but notice the spirit and love she puts into her art. 

With the holiday season coming up, I can't wait to make a few purchases of my own, it will be like giving my dear friends and family what I wish for, fun and the sense of comfort one feels when holding a well made mug of something warm on a cozy night.

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