Thursday, October 11, 2012

In between

At Serendipity 7 it is one of our intentions to make 
each boutique weekend feel a little different in the shop!
Always inspired, always unique and one of a kind...

At Serendipity 7 there will always be something new and different!  

As a result, in between our boutique weekends we are busy being full time Mom's with "the 7"
while also happily finding time to create new pieces to fill the shop!

We love to take a piece and give it a new life....
and this dresser below is a wonderful example of this!
It shall be known as the "So Fab" dresser.

We sold the first kaliedscope dresser at the last boutique sale....
but it was so much fun to paint and so great in the space that there had to be another.   
"Kaliedoscope II"

Each and every piece takes on a life of its own...
This piece was saying "make me look like I sat on the beach for years"
This piece is so perfect for any casual space.

Here the sweetest little doll set!
Can't you just see it sitting my a Christmas tree?!
The youngest of the "7" thinks it may belong to one of her dolls.  

We are creating pieces large and small....this upcycled lamp/table is beautifully unique.

And we just know someone out there is going to love this vintage stereo console....with record player and 8-track!   yes!   It is so fun and has been updated with a new paint.  We have had the radio going and just need to spin some records this weekend for our boutique hours!

I imagine this piece being loved by a music lover....someone who wants to embrace a piece of history, collect records and may even have a HD t.v. hanging above it with a modern charging station on top.  Something old becoming new again!

Our boutique hours this weekend:
October 12th 4-8 for cocktail neck margaritas!
October 13 10-5p.m.    
Children are always welcome- we have a playroom!

Serendipity 7
(the cute brick house behind the library)
909 15th Avenue
Monroe, WI

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  1. Seriously, this is pure torture for me. I want to buy all these pieces.