Monday, May 7, 2012

My Mom...

A couple of weeks ago, my 3 year old son Max and I were at McDonald's playland killing some time in between errands.  It was pretty empty, just Max and a little boy about his age.  They were fast friends and climbed all the way up to the play structure where there was a little spaceship they could sit in.  They could see me from their ship and Max proudly exclaimed, "that's my mom!"  "Have you ever seen my mom before?"  The pride and love in his voice made me feel like a superhero.

That incident got me thinking about my own mom and how in general, the older we get the more complicated our relationships become.  It isn't always the beautiful simplicity of the 3 year old expressing his love and admiration for his momma.  Maybe I don't brag about my mom from the top of a McDonald's play structure but I certainly can here...Just think of this as my spaceship.  ;)

So what does this post have to do with Serendipity 7?  Well, pretty much everything.  My mom is the queen of making something beautiful out of nothing.  I was brought up by a lady who wasn't afraid to put her hands in the dirt, pull something out of the dump and put it on a wall, or make something old look new and fresh.  Check out the dresser she just completed!

My mom taught me how to garden, to sew, to paint, to refinish furniture, and to use color.  But most importantly she has taught me how the quality of my life is up to me.  That creativity is vital to my happiness and whenever something goes wrong she reminds me that only I can pull myself out of it.
She is an artist, a mentor and a friend and my part of Serendipity 7 wouldn't be possible without her.

Check out this quilt she created.
Isn't my mom awesome?!


  1. you and your momma!!!!!!!!! Greatest post yet!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh Marcie...I love this spaceship! So beautifully written....tears in my eyes.
    So grateful for your Mom, a woman who inspires!