Thursday, May 17, 2012

us...serendipity 7

Serendipity 7 is 7 years in the making.
I don't think it is possible that either of us could have imagined this friendship.
One that feels like family.
Somehow our lives brought both of us to this place...

We, Jeni & Marcie, met simply at our children's preschool.
I had just moved to Monroe after living in France for a year.
Marcie had lived in Monroe for 6 years.
We were both in the thrawls of young motherhood.

We soon saw in each other a sisterhood.  
A soulful connection.
One that is easy, honest, loving.
We realized we were cut from the same cloth...
perhaps a cool vintage cloth!
Within months of meeting we were even vacationing together in Jamaica.  
We both love sushi, pedicures, Oprah, anthropologie.

Over the last 7 years we have seen eachother through 
the trails of marriage, motherhood, pregnancies and adoption.  
All of which are better when shared with a soul friend.

There are 7 precious children between the 2 of us.
Which makes for full, blessed lives.

We have had fun, fun, fun... with friends and hubbies

 And now our latest adventure... in friendship and life!
Serendipity7  where we indulge in our love of upcycling and vintage design!
A little bit about "us".... which will always be what Serendipity 7 is truly about!

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