Wednesday, May 2, 2012

spring & spring

You probably came here thinking I was going to show you signs of Spring.
Well, I am not saying that won't happen, because that is always a good thing. 
And we at Serendipity 7 love all things good.
But what I really wanted to share is this
on my wall.

Awesome garage sale find from last week!!! yahoo!!!
I had planned on just clipping photos, kids art etc.
but then realized it is metal and therefore
magnetic too.
Cool beans!
See how you can repurpose? 
Better on a wall than in a landfill!
Or imagine in a garden with Clematis growing up it? 

I am so loving this spring that I am not sure it will be for sale any time soon,
but will be keeping my eye out for more!

Now for a few of my favorite SPRING photos....
this flower is so special.

I LOVE fiddleheads....those wonderful blooms that unfurl and become ferns.  To be they represent family.

My godson's (Marcie's son) sweet little hand and fiddlehead=love

My last spring photo....found these mushrooms down my our stream. Here I see my family.
So, there you have it....Spring and Spring!

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  1. A bedspring....I LOVE IT you guys!!! That is so so clever, and you are right, better on that wall than in a landfill, how cool are you guys:o