Saturday, April 28, 2012

Letting go...

Here's the deal.   Sometimes we need to let go.

We hunt, we find.  We scavenge and repurpose.  And in the end we fall in love with all these little pieces in someway or another!

It might be the design, the color, the character the piece holds or the memory it brings back to us.   Last weekend we let go of many "favorite finds" and we are ready to let go of more.

It is a lesson in letting go.  
As Beyonce said, "Thank God I found the 'good' in good-bye".

Saying good bye to each piece and sending off to someone who has found it in their own way and has meaning to them is equally wonderful

...and thus we have finally lauched our Etsy shop!
Serendipity 7's Etsy Shop!

We have gathered so many treasures, many of which sold list weekend and others we have posted to our Esty shop.    There will be more items to share, but for now there are 36 vintage and upcycled items!

Come over to our Etsy shop and do a little shopping...for yourself, for a friend, for Mother's Day!

Here's a little peek at some of the vintage and upcycled goodness!
a little vintage suitcase made into the perfect cat or dog bed.

lovely vintage tray

coffee anyone?
yes, please!
This vintage Norwegian coffee set is amazing!!!
Having a hard time letting this one go!!!
The mugs say "Coffee maketh bright the spirit"...
isn't that beautiful!?

perhaps a unique magnet board, aka vintage t.v. tray?

Or a new dual purpose, totally one of a kind piece, for your candy or flowers?

Or how about this fun "painted lady" to grace your powder room?

 These glasses are true marigold vintage and perfect for a cocktail!

 I love this simple wall flower vase made from found bottles and wood.  

and this quilt....she is a beauty.  Made with love from vintage fabrics.   

Ready to let go of our treasures on Etsy and share them with you!  

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