Friday, April 13, 2012

What We Won't Do....

As Jeni mentioned in her first post, we aren't afraid to get dirty. Our nails are in sad shape and at any given day someone will point out the paint that is either in our hair or on our clothes.  
But we do have our limits!

The other day we were foraging for treasures...sometimes foraging for us means hitting St. Vinny's or Salvation Army but sometimes it literally means digging through garbage and other...ahem...unmentionables.  This was one of those days.

But just look at what we uncovered!  
One woman's trash is another woman's treasure...

Anyway, we were ready to wrap it up.  Tangled was almost over and the toddlers (waiting in the car) were out of snacks.  But we had one more "pile" to dig through.  That was when we heard the "squeaking."  Mice?  No, too loud.  Baby raccoons?  

Where was the momma?
Foraging over... 
even we have our limits and meeting up with a momma raccoon in a garbage pile is where we 
draw the line.

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