Friday, April 20, 2012

good things...

As I am looking at our "set up" here at home 

I can't help but want to 

share a bit more of the goodness before our debut tomorrow!

I have to admit each piece I am about to share with you is going to 

be a little difficult to part with.   They are all pieces we could

 easily find places for in our own homes!!  

This will be one of the great challenges of this venture, 

I am sure of it.

Here are some really


We are both UW-Madison grads....

Who can't use a sweet vintage apple pie plate?

Or perhaps strawberry pie? 

Now, everyone may not embrace the beauty of the chick here.    
  But I am telling you this was a scavenging find!!!  
And I am not going to part easily with this chick.
The chick is chic.

And I am loving on this vintage gold chair.   
Its lines are great and it is in wonderful condition.  
I happen to have this pillow that just makes it come together.   
A room needs a little pop of color perhaps?

The amber theme continues with this elegant Italian amber glass lamp and newly covered drum lamp shade.  beautiful.

Or perhaps your like me and love a vintage owl lamp 
gracing your living room?

And then one of my favorite finds.
The Swedish Berggren Coffee Set.
I so love its vintage style and the quotes just brighten your day.  
The coffee mugs all say to you "coffee maketh bright the spirit" true, so true

A little cream and sugar perhaps?   "Help thyself"    

And then there is this guy....he is just plain fun.  
I wonder who will walk away with this vintage weiner dog planter?
Whoever it is I am sure will be my kind of gal!   

We are incredibly excited!

There is so much to do for

our debut  


Head to Madison's East Side Club 10-4,  

A day of vintage goodness....and a bar....and 

cupcakes....What more does a girl need?

winter craftacular

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