Sunday, April 15, 2012

tchotchke loving

Don't hate the TCHOTCHKE!
(yes, I had to look up how to spell it)

Here are Serendipity 7 we like to embrace the tchotchke,
 dare I say "love" the tchotchke
in all its many forms.   

We have decided to reinvent all those discarded tchotchkes 
 into something new...
-something that you can set a candle on,
-something to put flowers into,
-something you can put your jewerly in when washing hands
-something you could set your soap in
-somewhere to put spare change or keys....
-something to start a conversation
but most importantly
something to look pretty.
Really the tchotchke options are endless!

I give you.....
(drum roll, please)

The Tchotchke Tower !

 The tschotchke tower is all about creating something totally unique.

Some tchotchke towers have been painted in white to 
simplify it and make it all about its beautiful shape.

While others embrace the beauty of combining 
multiple tchotckes to create a totally one of a kind new piece
This one would be great by the sink to hold rings in the white bowl on top 
and a few sweet flowers from the garden in the small vase.

This one would be perfect for your keys or change.

This one is screaming for a tea light or candlestick.

And this beauty can hold candies, candle or jewerly on top and a tea light in the center.

   We can look at old things in a new and different way.

There can be love for the tchotchke.  

Tchotchke loving!

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