Sunday, April 22, 2012


So yesterday was our debut as Serendipity 7.  The first chance to show off what we have found, created and believed to be special.  It was our first show and really had no idea what to expect.  Would there be a big turnout?  This was the first Vintage Flea and Finds show, what if we haul everything up to Madison and no one comes?  Would our prices be appropriate?  Would the cold, hard world see the uniqueness in our little venture?  Would we be able to part with some of our favorite things?

It turns out that there was very little to worry about.  There was a line out the door before the East Side Club opened at 10am and there was a solid stream of people all day.  Our prices seemed about right since we figured out a range of what we could go down to beforehand and we sold a lot of stuff!  What was especially wonderful however was the love and enthusiasm we felt as people experienced our booth.  It was like kindred spirits coming together all day as we heard story after story of how something they found  was just perfect for them.  One woman had an owl obsession and would eventually get her aunt's collection...her aunt's last name was "Wise."  :)  And how in the world was she going to get that 20 lb owl lamp home on her bike!

Another was how perfect a little yellow bird chair would go in a little girl's room.   I have no problem seeing that chair go after seeing her skip with joy after her mother purchased it for her.  Italian glass lamps being just the thing for another woman who was finally getting to redo her home after her children were grown up and gone.  My favorite reaction was probably the quilter who couldn't believe the king size, hand sewn, octagon vintage quilt.  She just started collecting vintage quilts and this was her best find yet.  Even if people didn't purchase anything we had a lot of people asking for our cards and wondering when our next show would be.

So, of course I'm glad we had a profitable day financially, but I have to say the greatest joy 
was soaking up all that validation!  That the fun, love and creativity we put in could really be felt by others...

and we felt it right back.


  1. SO excited for, I want that quilt!!!

  2. awesome i see some things in the photo I want!!! how fun. So glad the turnout was so good! Yeah!

  3. Congrats on your first successful show! I'm glad it went well! Very cute stuff!