Monday, April 16, 2012

Teacup Love

New obsession...teacups...

Which is kinda funny because I don't even like tea.  I'm a coffee drinker.  I'm not fit to be seen by the general public unless I've had that first cup.  (My poor family!)  Anyway, I like a big, sturdy mug for my morning cup of joe, one I can really wrap my hands around.

So why the new teacup obsession?  It goes against everything I believe in in terms of beverages.  I like a big hearty mug for my coffee and I drink beer from the glass necessary.

But the teacup goes SO well with my other flower garden.  Just look at the sweet little bird feeders I made to go in the flowerbed.

I love to walk through my gardens in the springtime with my kids.  Everyday there is a new thing to discover.  One day the bleeding hearts are blooming, another day some last minute deal I planted last fall makes an appearance and surprises me all over again.  It is like finding money in a jacket pocket.

A flower garden on its own makes me happy but a garden with butterflies and birds makes my heart sing! Wouldn't you stop by if you were a bird?

Just put birdseed around the saucer and fill the teacup with water for a little refreshment afterward.  There is even a sweet, scalloped spoon to use as a perch!

Even Tiger can't deny the beauty of the teacup bird feeder!
(Unless he is thinking of his own personal gain if this feeder actually delivers...nah!)

And don't get me started on the variety!  There are sweet, romantic teacups, retro vintage teacups, teacups that remind you of your grandma's house when you were a kid, teacups from different lands and cultures. All different styles of teacups for all different styles of gardens.  Which, I'm hoping, makes it the perfect Mother's Day gift!  So wish us luck.  Serendipity 7's debut sale is this weekend in Madison.  I'm hoping there are lots of teacup lovers there!

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